OSRS Elysian Spirit Shield

The Elysian Spirit Shield is one of the most sought after shields in OSRS. It is made by attaching an elysian sigil to a blessed spirit shield. Both of these components can only be obtained by killing the Corporeal Beast. The process of combining the two must be done at an anvil (with a hammer) and requires a minimum of level 90 prayer and 85 smithing. Alternatively, you can pay Abbot Langley a fee of 1,500,000 coins at the Monastery in Edgeville to combine the two if you do not have the requirements to do it yourself.

Elysian Spirit Shield Stats

OSRS Elysian Spirit Shield stats
Elysian Spirit Shield stats

Special Effect

The ely has a passive effect that will be active whenever you are wielding the item. The effect has a 70% chance to reduce incoming damage by 25%. As an average, this works out to be 17.5% overall damage reduction.

This makes the shield particularly strong in scenarios where you need to optimise your defence. While still having your main-hand free to attack, unlike with items such as the Dinh’s Bulwark.

The reduction does not apply to Dragonfire and poison attacks.

OSRS Ely special effect activation animation
Ely special effect activation animation

Is the Elysian worth it?

Yes, for players with already large and wealthy banks the elysian can definitely be worth the money. Particularly, if you’re going for your first infernal cape, then it could be the difference between life or death. However, due to its consistently high price it should be low down on your list of priorities. It’s more important to prioritise your invest in to big ticket weapons such as the Twisted Bow, Tumeken’s Shadow and the Scythe first.

Uses for the Ely – where is it good?

The elysian is a great tank item, specifically in situations where you still need your main-hand free to attack other NPC’s. Its passive damage reduction effect can be the difference between life or death in high-pressure situations. It is particularly important to have in the inferno, if you have it available to you. It can also be a very good item if you intend to do any of the God Wars Dungeon bosses. Such as solo Bandos, Armadyl or low-scale Nex teams.