OSRS Phosani’s Nightmare Guide

The Phosani’s Nightmare a more difficult version of the Nightmare of Ashihama. The monster is a solo-only boss and she can be accessed by drinking from the pool of nightmares, directly north of the original Nightmare entrance.

Phosani has the same unique drop table as the regular version. With items such as the Inquisitor Armour Set, Inquisitor’s Mace and a variety of powerful orbs are still obtainable. You will actually find them dropped at a slightly more common rate, to account for the increased difficulty.

This OSRS Phosani’s Nightmare guide will go over all of the key strategies and tactics used to get quick and efficient kills.


  • Priest in Peril for access to Morytania.
  • High Combat stats (magic and melee).
  • Recommended completion of a taste of hope for the Drakan’s Medallion.

How to get to the Phosani’s Nightmare

There are currently two methods of transportation that are commonly used:

  1. Use the Drakan’s Medallion to teleport to Ver Sinhaza and run north. After the dock, run east to arrive at slepe.
  2. Teleport to the Ectofuntus with the Ectophial teleport. Pay Andras 10,000 coins to row to slepe from the dock to the north of the Ectofuntus. Run north-east from the dock you arrive at to reach slepe.
OSRS Route to Phosani
Route to Phosani Entrance

Gear Setups for Nightmare

When killing Phosani efficiently in OSRS, players will require the use of both magic and melee-based combat. She is weak to crush, so your best crush weapons and gear is advised, her pillars are weak to magic. Example setups for different budgets can be seen below.

Max Gear Setup

OSRS Phosani Max Gear Setup
Example Max Setup

No Shadow Gear Setup

OSRS Phosani no shadow gear setup
Example No Shadow Setup

Beginner Gear Setup

OSRS Phosani Beginner Gear Setup
Example Beginner Setup

Gear Progression for Phosani

Mechanics & Strategy


The Totems when facing Phosani are exactly the same as when facing the regular Nightmare. However, their health is 200 lower during the Phosani’s Nightmare. The player still deals damage to the Totems to lower Phosani’s total health.

Auto Attacks

When facing auto-attacks from Phosani, successful use of protection prayers will negate all incoming damage. However, her magic and ranged attacks are now significantly stronger than in the regular nightmare fight. They now have a max hit of 80 when not protected against, with her melee attack being slightly weaker, with a max hit of 73.

Magic Attack

When launching her magic attack, Phosani will spin and surround herself with pink petals. She’ll then fire the petals towards the player. An example can be seen in the gif below.

OSRS Phosani Magic Attack
Magic Attack

Range Attack

Phosani will begin to contort itself when launching a ranged attack. This will be a total of 4 contorted movements before finally launching a missiles towards the player. An example can be seen in the gif below.

OSRS Phosani Ranged Attack
Ranged Attack

Melee Attack

During the melee attack, Phosani will charge her claws and swipe them forward towards the player. This can be avoided by moving away from her melee range, in addition to praying correctly. An example can be seen in the gif below.

OSRS Phosani Melee Attack
Melee Attack

Special Attacks

A 3 special attack rotation will be chosen for each of the phases. Each of the rotations will contain 1 husk or parasite special attack and 2 flower power, curse, surge or spores special attack. Each special attack is explained below:

  • Sleepwalkers: At the start of the second, third, fourth and fifth phases, Phosani will summon sleepwalkers that walk towards her. They die instantly when taking any damage, but if they are able to reach Phosani then the player will be hit for high damage.
  • Grasping Claws: A black portal will spawn under Phosani and smaller portals will form around the arena. Move away from any of the black portals to avoid being damaged.
  • Prayer Deactivator: During phase four, Phosani will deactivate the players protection prayers, if they had the prayer active before she launches her attack animation.
  • Flower Power: The room will be divided into four quadrants. One will be safe and highlighted by the fact it is surrounded by white flowers. If you are not in the safe zone, you’ll take rapid damage.
  • Husks: Two husks will spawn around random players in the Phosani arena. The player will be stuck in place and not able to move until the husks are killed. A blue husk will attack with magic, while a green one will attack with ranged.
  • Curse: Protection prayers will be altered as Phosani has confused your vision. Protect from magic will now be protect from missiles. Protect from Missiles will now be protect from melee and protect from melee will now be protect from magic.
  • Surge: Phosani will teleport to the edge of the room and surge across the arena. Anyone in its path during the surge will be hit for damage of up to 60 hp.
  • Parasites: Phosani can infect players by throwing a parasite inside of them. Drink a relicym’s balm or Sanfew Serum as soon as possible to reduce the damage when the parasite bursts out of the player. When the parasite spawns, kill it as quickly as possible to prevent it healing the nightmare, use dragon claw special attacks for this.
  • Spores: Mushrooms or Spores will begin to appear around the arena. Avoid standing near them or they will explode and disable your run and increase your attack speed by 1 tick. You must not be within 1 tile radius of them at any time to avoid it.
OSRS Husk Attack
Husk Attack

How to kill Phosani efficiently?

Phases 1-3

The first three phases of Phosani are very similar to the regular fight overview. With the exception of the fact that the special attacks can be used randomly during these phases. With each phase completion an additional sleepwalker is added. To avoid taking life threatening damage it is important to kill these asap. See the image below for damage taken at the end of phase.

OSRS Phosani Damage taken at the end of a phase if sleepwalkers not killed
Damage taken at the end of a phase if sleepwalkers not killed

Fourth Phase

During Phosani’s Nightmare’s attack animation, she deactivates the player’s protection prayers, but quick reactions can prevent the prayer disable. Phosani’s Nightmare has a higher chance of using melee attacks, so players should maintain high hitpoints and be vigilant against melee attacks.

Husks that spawn during this phase delay their initial attack to synchronize with the Nightmare’s attacks, making it harder to take damage. If the boss uses melee, the magic husk must be eliminated first to avoid its damaging attack. If the boss uses ranged or magic attacks, it is still possible to block both, but the window for blocking is smaller.

To clear the sleepwalkers at the end of this phase, the player must react swiftly, ideally defeating two out of the four before they begin to move. Without a blowpipe, a fast melee weapon like a ham joint should suffice to eliminate the fourth sleepwalker before the Nightmare absorbs it. With a blowpipe, the dart will kill it before absorption if used. Failing to defeat two sleepwalkers before they start moving will result in one always reaching the Nightmare.

Final Phase

Phosani’s Nightmare takes root at the center of the arena, replenishing 149 hitpoints. Instead of direct assaults, she continually employs Grasping Claws while a sleepwalker emerges from the arena’s edges. If the sleepwalker reaches Phosani it will damage the player for 15 hp. The first sleepwalker spawns deal damage approximately 20 ticks after emerging, allowing for four strikes with a four or five-tick weapon before it strikes. Players should prioritize targeting the Nightmare to conclude the encounter in a fast and effective manner

Before the phase starts, make sure to boost your combat stats and restore your hit points fully. Prior to the phase try to ensure you will have special attack energy for phase start. Then unleash high hitting special attacks such as the dragon claws to make this phase go as fast as possible. This reduces damage taken from the sleepwalkers.

Considering the sustained claw attacks, it is advisable to position oneself near a corner rift or adopt movement strategies that minimize the loss of ticks in this rapid-paced phase.