OSRS Salve Amulet

The Salve amulet is an item worn on the necklace slot in OSRS. It gives bonuses when fighting undead monsters. In order to create one you will need to have completed the Haunted Mine quest and have a minimum of level 15 agility.

Salve Amulet Base Stats

OSRS Salve Amulet Stats
Salve Amulet Stats

When worn the amulet also raises the users attack and strength by 1/6th when fighting undead monsters. The amulet can be both enchanted and imbued to form the Salve Amulet (e) and the Salve Amulet (ei).

Salve Amulet (e)

The Salve Amulet (e) is an upgraded version of the Salve, created by using the Tarn’s diary on the regular amulet. This increases melee damage and accuracy by 20% when worn, only when fighting undead monsters.

Salve Amulet (ei)

The Salve Amulet (ei) is the imbued version, so provides the 20% boost to all three combat styles, Melee, Ranged and Magic. The cost of an imbue is 800,000 Nightmare Zone points, 320 Soul Wars Tokens or a Scroll of Imbuing (200 PvP arena points).

How do you get a Salve Amulet?

To create a salve amulet from scratch you will need to have completed the Haunted Mine quest. If you have this requirement follow these steps:

  1. Crawl down the eastern cart tunnel leading into the Haunted Mine.
  2. Crawl through the tunnel south of the eastern entrance.
  3. Use a chisel on the crystal outcrop to obtain salve shards.
  4. Fill your invent and return to a bank.
  5. Use the crystals on balls of wool to string them into salve amulets.

Uses for the Salve Amulet – where is it good?

The Salve Amulet is the best in slot amulet against undead monsters. So, whenever you’re fighting undead monsters you want to be using this item. Examples of situations it is useful at include:

Is the Salve Amulet worth it?

Yes, as with all useful untradeable items in OSRS they are critical to account progression. Getting the salve is free and only costs you a small amount of time to get it. It has huge implications, particularly at raids such as Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood where it is an essential item in the gear setups used. The salve is the best melee necklace to use against the likes of Bloat.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see a few frequently asked questions regarding the Salve Amulet and which monsters it works on.

Does the Salve work on Barrows?

No, the Barrows Brothers are not considered undead monsters so the amulets bonuses do not work.

Does the Amulet work on Hellhounds?

No, Hellhounds are not undead monsters so the effects of the amulet will not work.

Does the Salve work on Nechryaels?

No, while the Nechryaels may look undead, they are actually considered to be demons.

Does the Slayer Helmet stack with the Salve Amulet bonuses?

No, the slayer helmets bonuses will not stack with the salves bonuses, when in combat or completing a slayer task.

How do you enchant the Salve Ammy?

First you will need to complete the Lair of Tarn Razorlor to obtain the Tarn’s Diary. When you have the diary you can use it on regular or imbued salve amulets to create the enchanted versions.