OSRS Staff of the Dead

The Staff of the Dead (SOTD) is a bladed staff obtained from killing the Zamorak General, K’ril Tsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon. The item requires a minimum of level 75 magic and 75 attack to use in combat.

The item is unusual because it offers strong offensive bonuses to both melee and magic. With a 15% magic damage boost and melee stats that surpass the dragon scimitar. The weapon attacks at a speed of 4 ticks for melee based attacks, but 5 ticks for any combat spells casted .

SOTD Stats

OSRS Staff of the Dead stats
Staff of the Dead stats

Special Attack

The staff of the dead has a unique special attack. When activated it drains 100% of your special attack energy and in turn, halves the damage of your opponents melee attacks. This effect lasts one minute, but only remains active while the staff is worn. You are able to unequip and equip the staff multiple times during the minute and it will work so long as the staff is equip when the damage is calculated.

OSRS SOTD special attack animation
SOTD special attack animation


A magic fang, obtained as a unique reward from Zulrah can be attached to the staff to create the toxic staff of the dead. Providing the player has 59 crafting to combine the items. This upgrade increases the items magic attack bonus by +8 and can now inflict venom on its opponents. The staff will however need to be charged with Zulrah’s scales.

Additionally, players can add the Saradomin’s light to the staff to create the staff of light. This changes the staffs ability to autocast flames of zamorak to only being able to autocast saradomin strike. Although, it will count as both a zamorak and saradomin item in the God Wars Dungeon. The staff of light upgrade is permanent and can not be reverted.

Lastly, players can add a Guthixian Icon to the staff to create the staff of balance by talking to Juna. The staff will now only be able to autocast claws of guthix instead of flames of zamorak and will count as both guthix and zamorak items in the God Wars Dungeon (and desert bandit camp). Moreover, the staff of balance upgrade is permanent and can not be reverted.

Uses for the Staff of the Dead – where is it good?

The staff has a number of useful implications in OSRS. Firstly, its special attack is very useful for escaping PKers in the wilderness. You will see the staff featuring in gear setups for black chinchompa hunters. As the ability to half an opponents melee damage is helpful to avoid the chance of getting stacked out from dragon claws or armadyl godsword special attacks.

Additionally, the staff of the dead is a good mid tier melee and magic weapon. It’s 15% magic damage boost makes it a strong alternative to items such as the kodai wand and harmonised staff at a fraction of the price.

Is the Staff of the Dead worth it?

Yes, predominantly because of the items affordability. It is a cheap and versatile weapon that provides a good outlet for training both magic and melee combat. While there are many weapons that provide better bonuses than the Staff of the Dead, it provides a good option for players on a budget.