OSRS Arclight

The Arclight is an upgraded version of the Darklight and Silverlight, a demonbane weapon that requires level 75 attack to equip. It is the one of the most powerful weapons to use against demons in the game. Consistently outperforming one-handed weapons such as the Saeldor, Rapier and Mace. It can even be more effective than the Scythe of Vitur in many instances.

Arclight Stats

OSRS Arclight Stats
Arclight Stats

When fighting demonic creatures the Arclight boosts your accuracy and damage by 70%.

Special Attack

The Arclight’s special attack drains 50% of the users special attack energy. The special will lower the targets strength, attack and defence levels by 5% (10% for demons) of their current level +1. This works regardless of if you land damage or hit a 0, unlike the DWH. This special attack is very useful at the Corporeal Beast for specing its stats down to 0.

How to get the Arclight?

To create the Arclight you must first have obtained the Darklight from the Shadow of the Storm quest. If you have this, take your Darklight with 3 Ancient Shards to the Catacombs of Kourend and use them on the altar in the centre. This will create the Arclight with 1,000 charges in it.

You can then add more shards to the weapon to charge it, every 3 shards are equal to 1,000 charges. Ancient Shards can be obtained from killing any monster in the Catacombs.

Uses for the Arclight – where is it good?

The Arclight is one of the best in slot weapons to use against demonic creatures. This makes it great for combat or slayer training with melee on demons. It also makes it a good weapon for high-level demonic bosses. Some examples of where to use it include:

Is the Arclight worth it?

Yes, the Arclight is a great weapon to have, with a variety of uses. It provides a best in slot weapon against demons that is free and easy to obtain. Additionally, its special attack can provide good utility as a budget Dragon Warhammer or for speccing down the Corporeal Beasts stats.