OSRS Best Ranged Boots

Ranged boots are an important part of any ranged gear setup and knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and ranged gear progression. While boots are one of the latest upgrades you should consider, due to the fact they only provide accuracy boosts rather than damage, they’re still important. Particularly if you want to create the best ranged gear setups.

What are the best Ranged Boots?

  • Pegasian Boots
  • Ranger Boots
  • Blessed d’hide Boots
  • Snakeskin Boots

1. Pegasian Boots

The Pegasian Boots are the best in slot boots for ranged gear setups. They offer the highest offensive ranged bonuses of any boot in OSRS currently. Although, they are also the most expensive ranged boot, meaning the affordability may be an issue for many players. The Pegasians require a minimum of 75 ranged and 75 defence to equip and use in combat.

How to get the Pegasian Boots?

The Pegasian boots are made by combining a Pegasian Crystal with the Ranger Boots. A Pegasian Crystal can be obtained by killing Cerberus to receive it as a drop. While the Ranger Boots can be obtained by completing medium clue scrolls. To combine the two items you will also need level 60 Runecraft and Magic to do so.

Combat Stats

osrs pegasian boots stats
Pegasian stats

2. Ranger Boots

The Ranger Boots are the second best ranged boots, beaten only by the Pegasians, which are essentially an upgraded version of the rangers. They provide +8 ranged accuracy and require a minimum of level 40 ranged to wear. Their low level requirements make them beneficial for low level players and low defence pking builds.

How to get the Ranger Boots?

Ranger Boots are a reward from completing a medium clue scroll, they have a drop rate of 1/283.6 per casket.

Combat Stats

osrs ranger boots stats
Ranger Boots stats

3. Blessed D’hide Boots

The Blessed D’hide Boots come in six different variants, each version represents a different god and looks aesthetically different. However, they all provide a ranged accuracy boost of +7 and require a minimum of 70 ranged and 40 defence to use. They are higher stat requirements and offer 1 less accuracy than ranger boots. However, they are significantly cheaper and will always hold a very affordable value.

How to get the Blessed D’hide Boots?

Blessed D’hide boots are obtained exclusively from completing hard clue scrolls. Each pair of boots has a drop rate of 1/406. However, with 6 different types of blessed d’hide boots to obtain, the rate is realistically significantly lower.

Combat Stats

osrs god d'hide boots stats
Blessed D’hide Boots stats

4. Snakeskin Boots

Snakeskin Boots are a type of low tier ranged armour for the boot slot. They require a minimum of level 30 ranged and 30 defence, providing +3 ranged accuracy when worn. Since they are made directly from snakeskin they will always hold a super cheap value. Making them highly accessible for new players and even ironmen.

How to get the Snakeskin Boots?

The Snakeskin Boots can be crafted with a minimum of level 45 crafting, 6 snakeskin and 1 needle and thread. A crafting boost can be used to reach the required level necessary to craft the item.

Combat Stats

osrs snakeskin boots stats
Snakeskin Boots stats

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