OSRS Bloodvelds Guide

Bloodvelds are a type of demon in Oldschool Runescape that are unlocked at level 50 slayer. Bloodvelds attack with a magic-based melee attack. This means they use a melee attack that applies its damage based on the players magical defence. Therefore, those not using protect from melee should maximise their magic defence.

In this OSRS Bloodvelds guide, we will take look at some of the most efficient strategies to kill this slayer monster.

Locations to kill Bloodvelds in OSRS?

Bloodvelds can be found at various locations around the OSRS map. The most common place to kill them is in the Catacombs of Kourend or in the Stronghold Slayer Cave. The total list of Bloodveld locations is as follows:

Bloodvelds Gear Setup

Finding the most optimal gear to use when killing Bloodvelds in OSRS is important, helping to increase your kills per hour and reduce supply costs. Either Melee or Ranged combat is recommended here. The examples below for melee focus on strength bonus, as this provides the fastest kills per hour. However, you will need to use protect against melee at all times or you will take high levels of damage. If you do not want to use protection prayers while killing bloodvelds, then you should switch the melee top and bottoms for high magic defense gear such as Masori or Dragonhide, as Bloodvelds attack with a melee-based magical attack.

Melee Gear Setups

Max Melee

max melee bloodveld setup osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Melee

mid-tier melee bloodveld setup osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Melee

budget melee bloodvelds setup osrs
Example Budget Setup

Ranged Gear Setups

Max Ranged

max ranged blowpipe setup for killing bloodvelds in osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Ranged

mid-tier ranged blowpipe setup for killing bloodvelds in osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Ranged

budget ranged blowpipe setup for killing bloodvelds in osrs
Example Budget Setup

Bloodveld FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Bloodvelds for the first time.

Which Slayer Master assigns Bloodvelds?

Duradel, Nieve, Konar, Chaeldar, Vannaka and Krystilia all assign Bloodvelds. Nieve assigns them at a task weight of 9, with a quantity of 120-185 making her the best option to get the task.

What is chance of superior Bloodveld Spawning

A superior Bloodveld has a 1/200 chance of spawning after every Bloodveld you kill.

What do you pray against Bloodveld?

If using protection prayers, always use protect from melee. They have a magic-based melee attack, which can be 100% negated when using protect from melee.

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