OSRS Konar

Konar quo Maten, more commonly known as Konar, is a slayer master found on Mount Karuulm’s summit. To receive a task from Konar, players must have first reached a combat level of 75 or higher. The unique aspect of Konar is that she will not only assign a monster, but also a location. Players must kill their assigned monster in the specific location she requests, or it will not count towards your slayer task.

How to get to Konar?

  • Rada’s blessing 3 or higher to teleport outside of Karuulm Dungeon, run south to Konar.
  • Run north of the fairy ring C-I-R.
  • Teleport to Farming Guild and run north-east
  • Run north of Battlefront teleport

Alternatively, instead of travelling directly to Konar, players can use the NPC contact spell. This will allow players to receive a task without the need for travelling to Mount Karuulm.

osrs konar location
Konar Location

Slayer Points

Konar gives the second highest amount of slayer reward points per task. The only slayer master who gives more points is Krystilia, the wilderness slayer master. Additionally, if players complete the Kourend elite diary, points per task will see a further increase.

osrs konar slayer points
Konar Slayer Points

Brimstone Keys

Monsters killed while on a slayer task from Konar have the chance to drop the Brimstone Key. The key can be used to unlock the Brimstone Chest, which is located directly behind Konar on Mount Karuulm. The average value of opening the chest is around 100k, which provides some nice additional profits to players.

The drop rate of the Brimstone Key ranges between 1/50 and 1/100. Scaling linearly based upon the combat level of the assigned monster.

osrs brimstone keys droprate

Task list & Weighting

Konar has a wide range of assignable monsters. Many of which are seen on other popular high-level slayer masters task list, such as Nieve and Duradel. Although, Konar does have one monster that is completely unique to her task list – Hydras. These can only be assigned by Konar specifically, so if players are looking to take on the Alchemical Hydra boss, they will have to go through Konar.

Konar FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to use Konar for training slayer.

Is Konar worth doing?

If you are looking for slayer points and profit, then yes Konar could be worthwhile for you. As these are the two areas this slayer master exceeds in. However, if you are purely looking for slayer experience per hour, it is recommended to use Nieve or Duradel. As the ability to always choose the most optimal location to kill a monster can greatly increase experience rates, which is not possible with Konar.

When should I start Konar Slayer?

You can start Konar slayer at a minimum combat level of 75. Although as she has many strong monsters on her task list, a combat level of 90+ is recommended.

Should ironmen use Konar?

Yes, Konar is very good for ironmen due to the additional loot provided by Brimstone Keys. They give a range of good resources such as high-tier seeds, bars, logs and food. Also, the dragon hasta can be a useful item for low-level ironmen, which is a reward from brimstone keys.

Other Slayer Masters

Oldschool has a total of nine slayer masters that currently exist within the game. Each offers something different, usually in the difficulty level of the tasks assigned. Traditionally, as players progress through combat and slayer levels, they will move to a higher tier of slayer master. The slayer masters are as follows: