OSRS Best Prayer Bonus Gear

Prayer bonus is an important aspect of OSRS. Every bonus point allows prayer points to depleted 3.33% slower. This means a player with +30 prayer bonus, would have a drain rate twice as long as someone with 0 prayer bonus. This article will provide a full overview of prayer bonus items and show you the best possible gear setup for prayer bonus.

Highest Prayer Bonus Gear Setup

To achieve the highest prayer bonus possible in OSRS, use the following items in your setup:

  • Any Mitre
  • Dragonbone Necklace
  • Proselyte Hauberk
  • Proselyte Cuisse
  • Devout Boots
  • Soul Cape
  • Any God Book
  • Holy Wraps
  • Ring of the Gods (i)
  • Any Crozier
  • Rada’s Blessing 4

When combined into one setup it should look like the gear setup shown below. The total prayer bonus for this setup is +68.

OSRS Prayer Bonus Gear
Gear with the highest prayer bonus

Alternative Prayer Boosting Armour and Weapons

Ammunition Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1God Blessings, Rada’s Blessing 2 and Rada’s Blessing 3.
+2Rada’s Blessing 4

Ring Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1Explorer’s Ring
+2Ring of Suffering
+4Ring of Suffering (i) and Ring of the Gods
+8Ring of the Gods (i)

Jewellery Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1Amulet of Power and Beads of the Dead
+2Occult Necklace, Amulet of Torture and Necklace of Anguish
+3Amulet of avarice, Amulet of eternal glory, Amulet of glory, Amulet of the damned, all Salve Amulet variations and the Berserker necklace
+5Amulet of Fury
+8Holy Symbol and Unholy Symbol
+10All God Stoles
+12Bonecrusher Necklace and Dragonbone Necklace

Cape Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1Mythical Cape
+2Fire Cape, Infernal Cape and Ardougne Cloak 1
+3All God Vestment Cloaks and the 3rd Age Drudic Cloak
+4Trimmed Skillcapes, Ardougne Cloak 2 and the Achievement Diary cape
+5Ardougne Cloak 3 and 3rd Age Cloak
+6Ardougne Cloak 4
+8Soul Cape

Gloves Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1All Blessed Bracers, Zaryte Vambs, White Gloves and Ancient Ceremonial Gloves
+2Tormented Bracelet
+3Holy Wraps

Boots Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1All types of Blessed D’hide Boots, Bandos Boots, White Boots, Zealot’s Boots and Ancient Ceremonial Boots
+2Guardian Boots
+3Holy Sandals
+5Devout Boots

Weapon Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1Armadyl Crossbow, Bronze Mace, Iron Mace and all type of White Weapons.
+2Black Cane, Black Mace, Steel Mace, Blessed Axe, Keris, Saradomin Sword, Viggora’s Chainmace, Ursine Chainmace, Zamorakian Spear, Zamorakian Hasta, Barronite Mace and Inquisitor’s Mace
+3Adamant Cane, Adamant Mace, Lunar Staff, Keris Partisan, Ancient Mace, Mithril Mace, White Mace
+4Rolling Pin, Rune Mace, Rune Cane
+5Blisterwood Flail, Blisterwood Sickle, Dragon Mace, Dragon Cane, Wolfbane, Toktz-mej-tal, Emerald Sickle (b), Enchanted Emerald Sickle (b), Enchanted Ruby Sickle (b), Ruby sickle (b), Silver Sickle (b) and Ivandis Flail
+6All types of Vestment Croziers, Verac’s Flail, Void Knight Mace and 3rd Age Drudic Staff
+8Armadyl Godsword, Bandos Godsword, Saradomin Godsword, Zamorak Godsword & Ancient Godsword

Shield Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1White Kiteshield, White Sq Shield, All types of God Kiteshields, All types of blessed d’hide shields, Spirit Shield, Falador Shield 1 and Kharedst’s Memoirs
+3Blessed Spirit Shield, Arcane Spirit Shield, Spectral Spirit Shield, Elysian Spirit Shield, Falador Shield 2 and the Book of the Dead
+4Falador Shield 3 and the Elidinis’ Ward (f)
+5All types of Broodoo Shield, All types of God Books and the Falador Shield 4.

Leg Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1All types of god platelegs, plateskirts and blessed chaps, bandos tassets, armadyl chainskirt and white platelegs and plateskirt
+2Inquisitor’s Plateskirt, Dagon’hai Robe Bottom, Crystal Legs
+3Zamorak monk bottom, Elite Void robe, Priest gown bottom
+4Justiciar legguards, Shade robe, Verac’s Plateskirt and Druid’s Robe
+5Monk’s Robe, Initiate Cuisse, All types of God Vestment robe bottom and Ancient Ceremonial Legs
+63rd Age Drudic robe bottoms, proselyte cuisse, proselyte tasset and Zealot’s robe bottom

Chest Slot

Prayer BonusItems
+1All types of blessed d’hide bodies, All types of God Platebodies, White Platebody, White Chainbody, Armadyl Chestplate and Bandos Chestplate
+2Inquisitor’s Hauberk and Dagon’hai robe top
+3Zamorak monk top, Elite Void top, Priest gown top, crystal body
+4Justiciar chestguard and Druid’s robe top
+5Verac’s Brassard and Shade robe top
+6Monk’s Robe top, Initiate hauberk, all types of god vestment robe tops and Ancient ceremonial top
+7Zealot’s Robe top
+83rd Age Drudic robe top and Proselyte Hauberk


Prayer BonusItems
+1All types of Blessed Coif, Armadyl Helmet, White full helm, White med helm, Inquisitor’s Helm, Zealot’s Helm and any type of God full helm
+2Justiciar faceguard, Dagon’hai hat, Crystal helm and Ancient Ceremonial Mask
+3Any type of Halo, Helm of Neitiznot, Initiate Sallet, Verac’s Helm and Neitiznot faceguard
+4Proselyte Sallet
+5All types of God Vestment Mitres