OSRS Skeletal Mystics Guide

Skeletal Mystics are a group of mages that can be found in CoX (Chambers of Xeric). The amount of Mystics found in the room is dependant on the size of the raid, starting from 3 Mystics in a solo raid and scaling up gradually. They only attack with magic, praying protect from magic will only partially negate some of the damage.

Skeletal Mystics are classed as undead monsters. Therefore, the Salve amulet (ei) is particularly useful here, as it provides a 20% damage and accuracy boost.

Best in Slot Gear for Skeletal Mystics

Tumeken’ Shadow is the best in slot weapon here. Due to the fact Skeletal Mystics have relatively high defence levels. The accuracy of the Shadow staff therefore shines in this room. Due to the way the Shadow staff calculates damage, the occult is actually a better item for the necklace slot than a salve here.

OSRS Skeletal Mystics Shadow Setup
Best in slot gear for Mystics

Ranged setup alternatives

If you can not afford a Tumeken’s Shadow, then using ranged gear will be the next best option. Remember to use a Salve Amulet (ei) with ranged gear options. The Twisted Bow is a great ranged weapon here, followed by your highest tiered crossbow. The BOFA is actually the best in slot ranged weapon, but generally it is not a good use of money for only one room, especially since it requires crystal shards.

Max Ranged

OSRS Skeletal Mystics Tbow Setup
Example Max Ranged Setup

Mid-tier Ranged

OSRS Skeletal Mystics mid-tier ranged Setup
Example Mid-Tier Ranged Setup

Budget Ranged

OSRS Skeletal Mystics budget ranged Setup
Example Budget Ranged Setup

How to complete the Mystics Room?

The mystics room is a super easy room to complete. There are no difficult mechanics to learn at all. The most important thing is just to try and minimise the amount of Mystics attacking you at any one time. Killing one at a time is best, do the following to clear the room efficiently:

  • Drink ranging potion or Imbued heart depending on setup.
  • Pray protect from magic and your best offensive prayer.
  • Attack the first mystic you see (closest to you).
  • Once it dies start attacking the next Mystic.
  • Repeat until all are dead.
  • Take the seeds if you will need them later in the raid.

How to safe spot Mystics?

Skeletal mystics actually have the ability to attack with melee too. This therefore allows them to be safe spotted for reduced damage. As if they are close enough to melee you they will stop doing their magic attack. They can only be safe spotted on specific corner tiles, you can see an example of this in action in the video below.

Safe spotting example