OSRS Lava Dragon Guide

Lava Dragons are a type of dragon that can be found on the Lava Dragon Isle in level 37-43 wilderness. They are killed mainly for their bones and the rare chance at receiving a draconic visage. Lava Dragon Bones provide more prayer than regular dragon bones. They provide 85 prayer experience when burying, in comparison to the 72 experience granted with regular dragon bones.

In this OSRS Lava Dragons guide, we will take look at some of the most efficient strategies to kill this monster.

How to get to the Lava Dragons in OSRS?

Lava Dragons can be found on the Lava Dragon Isle. This is found exclusively in the Wilderness, between the black chinchompa hunting area and the Demonic Ruins. There are two entrances to the Isle, the southern entrance requires 74 Agility and the hard wilderness diary complete. The northern entrance is available to everyone. The fastest methods of reaching the Isle include:

  • Revenant cave teleport and run north-east to north entrance.
  • Demonic ruins (Annakarl) teleport and run west to northern entrance.
  • Corporeal Beast teleport via the Games Necklace and run north-east to the agility shortcut entrance.
  • Wilderness level from Edgeville or Ardougne with a knife or slash weapon then run south-east to the main entrance.
how to get to lava dragons osrs
Getting to Lava Dragon Island

Lava Dragons Gear Setup

Always use mage when fighting the Lava Dragons as they are weak to magical attacks. Additionally, if you have been assigned them as a wilderness slayer task, then you can switch the mystic helm out for a slayer helmet. Remember to use protect item when in the wilderness.

Magic Gear Setup Examples

Max Magic

max magic wildy setup for lava dragons osrs
Example Max Setup

Budget Magic

budget magic wildy setup for lava dragons osrs
Example Budget Setup

Mystics is used to minimize your total risked wealth. The lava dragons are in the deep wilderness, in a multi-combat zone and considered a very dangerous area for PKing.

Lava Dragons Guide FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players reading this strategy guide and looking to kill Lava Dragons for the first time.

What are Lava Dragons weak to?

Lava Dragons are weak to magic attacks, making the sang staff or a toxic trident a great magic weapon here. If you are a very low level, or an ironman you may not have these items available to you. In these instances, you should use fire spells, as this is their other weakness. While fire bolt on low levels will be slow, it is still the best option for limited accounts.

Can you melee Lava Dragons?

Yes, you can use melee on Lava Dragons. However, it is not advised, as you will not be able to safe spot them effectively. Magic is also the superior attack style in terms of damage, due to the dragons weakness.

Are Lava Dragons in a Multi-combat area?

Yes, the Lava Dragon Isle is located on a multi-combat zone. For this reason it is highly recommended you keep your total risked wealth low. As it is particularly challenging to escape from PKers here, especially if they come in large teams.

Do lava dragons count as black dragons?

No, Lava Dragons have their own specific slayer task. If you want to kill lava dragons on task you will need to speak to Krystilia and try to get a Lava Dragon task from her. If you have a Black Dragon task it will not work on Lavas, despite the fact they drop black dragon hides.

Are Lava Dragons Worth Killing?

Yes, they provide some of the best hourly profit rates of any non-slayer monster. They have no requirements making them super accessible to all types of accounts. Players can expect up to 1 million gold per hour when killing Lava Dragons

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